High Level Window Cleaning in Bolton, Easily Done with our Cherry Pickers

High Level Window Cleaning in Bolton

High Level Window Cleaning in BoltonMaking arrangements for high level window cleaning in Bolton adds value to your building. Your rental offices and apartments are more attractive with clean windows. Yet, having your tenants clean the windows themselves is challenging. Hiring a company to clean your windows gives your building a uniform gleam. It’s also more affordable to hire one company to clean all your windows at one time. Yet, since the state of your windows directly impacts the facade of your building, ensure that your cleaners are thorough.

One of the easiest ways to evaluate the company you hire is to check the capacity of their equipment. In Bolton, high level window cleaning teams use scaffolding or cherry pickers. While many companies rely on conventional scaffolding, we use cherry pickers. Cherry pickers offer a more affordable solution than scaffolding. This is because they are versatile. Our truck-mounted cherry pickers enable cleaning of multiple levels. As such, the versatility of our vehicles enables us to clean more windows in less time. All our staff is well-trained to work at heights. Our training enables our teams to safely perform thorough jobs at heights.

There is a growing need for efficient high level window cleaning in Bolton. We’ve invested in versatile cherry picker vehicles to improve our services. We currently have a 2X22m Ascendents, and a 17m Tracked Spider. Additionally, we have 33m & 45m Ruthman and a 24m Palfinger P240 Nissan Cabster.  We also hire our cherry pickers for a variety of other tasks. Further, these include gutter cleaning, utility and signage.  As such, when you hire one of our machines, you get on operator, fuel and eight hours on site. If you’re interested in our services, contact Myers Access Hire right now. Moreover, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs.

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