Cherry Picker Hire in Preston: Affordable, Safe and Convenient

Cherry Picker Hire in Preston

Cherry Picker Hire in PrestonA cherry picker hire in Preston is the absolutely safest and time-saving method to harvest those cherry trees. Of all the many reasons our customers have for a cherry picker hire, picking cherries isn’t that common. Our boom and scissor lifts have the versatility to safely tackle tasks requiring access to heights. There are hundreds of uses for our hydraulic cranes with the railed platform or basket at the end. Often, our customers need them for the occasional one-off task. Most often though, contractors need a cherry picker frequently, but for short periods of time. For them, it’s not cost-effective to purchase, insure and maintain the equipment.

By selecting to hire our equipment on an as-needed basis, contractors also do not need to provide storage space or have a certified operator on staff. In Preston, cherry picker hire means you only pay for the actual time you use the equipment. In addition, our cherry picker hire is accompanied with a fully insured IPAF qualified operator. We maintain our machines and they are safe. Your employees working from one of our machines are able to safely carry out tasks at heights. In most cases, the work is easier and certainly safer than working from scaffolding. Our hire rates are competitive. However, cherry picker hire is a money saver.

Cherry picker hire in Preston means the flexibility to carry out tasks at height safely. Nowhere is that more necessary than during fire rescue. Most fire departments have their own equipment. However, when the need arises for additional machines, we’re ready to act. More often, we deal with building maintenance crews. As well as tree trimmers and electrical and cable line pole workers. Some scenes in videos are only possible because they were filmed from the basket of a cherry picker. Contact Myers Access Hire and tell us the job you need to carry out at height. We can help you select the right machine. We can position you to safely carry out the task.

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