Cherry Picker Hire in Lancashire: Keep your Employees Safe

Cherry Picker Hire in Macclesfield

Cherry picker hire in Lancashire is a service you might need.  We’re an access and roofing hire company. We’ve invested in a fleet of top-notch machines to meet our own needs. We also make them available to others. For many, a cherry picker hire is more cost-effective. It’s there when you need it.  Our cherry picker comes with a qualified and certified operator. This means that you don’t have to keep an employee on your staff certified and available. You’re not paying for large equipment that sits for 3 weeks of the month. Finally, there’s no storage, maintenance or insurance costs. For you, it’s simply a business expense that gets rolled into the quote for your services and labour.

Businesses hire maintenance staff for cleaning, repairs and refurbishment. For much of the work in Lancashire, cherry picker hire is not necessary. For many jobs, the safe use of a ladder is suitable. However, too often, we take unnecessary risks. Businesses should always avoid this liability. However, call us and hire a cherry picker to keep them safe on the high windows. Have you ever sat on open scaffolding while the wind is blowing? You’ll agree a cherry picker is a safer choice. Parking and security lighting is necessary, but when it’s time to replace lamps, call us.

Cherry picker hire in Lancashire is there when you need it. We are available 365 days a year. Our service area is expansive. We cover a large number of areas. Further afield, we do service national clients. We carefully inspect and maintain each machine. Current Loler certificates are visible. Our experienced operators are IPAF qualified. We’re confident in their abilities to manage any situation. Contact Myers Access Hire when you need cherry picker hire. Moreover, our equipment and our operators are fully insured.

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