Cherry Picker Hire in Altrincham for Window Cleaning, Signage Work and More

Cherry Picker Hire in Liverpool

Cherry Picker Hire in AltrinchamFor top quality cherry picker hire in Altrincham, get in touch with the specialists. If you live in the Merseyside, or Greater Manchester are, you would certainly be familiar with the name Myers Access Hire. Our customer base extends through these areas and beyond. We are a well-established roofing and access hire company. As such, we have our own fleet of truck mounted cherry pickers. Thus, if you require window-cleaning, gutter-clearing, utilities work, TV or telecom related works and signage we are glad to be of assistance.

For clients in Altrincham, cherry picker hire is a great option for operations that require people to work at heights. We have all the required insurances and licenses. Our operators are IPAF qualified and we regularly update our cherry pickers’ Loler certificates. This means they are ready for when you need them. Machine hire comes as a package. It includes an operator, fuel and the regular 8-hour shift on site. We offer 24x7x365 operations and you can hire our vehicles at any time. Interested in the name “cherry picker”? We can provide lots of interesting information about these useful machines. They were originally or high-level fruit picking. Furthermore, they have an elevated working platform from which to work on higher reaches.

Use cherry picker hire in Altrincham to trim higher branches of trees, or by homeowners to clean roof slates and fascias, or fix streetlights. Contact Myers Access Hire and find out more about our cherry picker hire.  Thus, cherry pickers are the efficient, safe and affordable way to access those hard-to-reach places. Examples are when you want to hang Christmas lights or fairy lights or banners. Many clients also use them in film-shoots for aerial shots for cinema and television, or for rescuing cats!

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